Archery Club

Saints Archery shoot both indoors and outdoors and cater for barebow, recurve and compound bow styles.

The club runs a beginner’s course every year and encourages everyone to give archery a go, regardless of whether they’ve held a bow before.

Training takes place typically four times per week, mainly focusing on individual performance and technique. Members can attend as many or as few sessions as they like, and don’t have to attend the same sessions each week.

The club enters teams into local and national competitions, and anyone who wants to compete can. To be entered into competitions members must have demonstrated that they can shoot safely.

Community Engagement

Scotland has a wonderful archery scene and the club is passionate about contributing to developing the sport by providing events that extend beyond the university sector.

Saints Archery take part in many Scottish archery competitions throughout the year and the biggest event for the club every year is hosting the Silver Arrow Competition, which has been running for over 400 years. The event is open to all and many archers come from all around Scotland to compete.

The club also offers give it a go sessions to local Brownies and Scout groups.


The Archery Club strives to maintain a safe, inclusive atmosphere in which members are accepting, encouraging, and helpful towards each other.

Beyond training and competition, the club provide a range of social events throughout the year so that members can get involved in the club and get to know the other archers.

Events vary from drinks in the pub, to local hikes, to movie nights and everyone is welcome, whether you are looking for a new hobby, new friends or just want to have a good time.

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