The club competes regularly throughout the season, entering teams in British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and Scottish Student Sport (SSS) events, and taking part in four friendly league matches against other Scottish Universities.

  • BUCS Indoor Championships
  • BUCS Outdoor Championships
  • SSS Indoor Championships
  • SSS Outdoor Championships

In each competition novice and experienced teams compete, with four archers making up each team. Archery is primarily an individual sport constructed around individual leagues and competitions, but the scores of each participant can be added together to form an overall team score.

Scottish Student Sport (SSS)

SSS leagues are comprised of a recurve team, compound team and novice team. Those taking part in their first year of competition are classified as novice archers and only have to compete against other people who have only just taken up the sport.

The SSS indoor league takes place throughout the year and provides opportunities for everyone to compete regardless of experience or bowstyle.

The club is limited to sending only 10 archers to SSS fixtures; compound and recurve teams are picked based on scores obtained in training or competition. The space not allocated to a team may go to anyone who wishes to compete as the Wildcard spot.

Recurve Team Compound Team Novice Team
4 archers 2 archers 3 archers
mixed genders mixed genders mixed genders
may include barebow barebow, recurve, not compound

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

The larger BUCS championships provide opportunities to experience a higher level of competition. BUCS indoors incorporates regional qualifiers, novice championships, and the indoor finals.

There is no limit on the number of archers an institution can enter into a BUCS event. Teams are therefore not pre-selected, but picked from the top St Andrews scorers at the event.

However, BUCS does require qualifying scores in a Portsmouth round for each category for the indoor competition. These are listed in the table below.

Recurve Team Compound Team Novice Team
3 archers 2 archers 3 archers
male and female teams mixed genders mixed genders
may include barebow   barebow, recurve, not compound
qualifying scores

  • Recurve – 400
  • Barebow – 243
qualifying scores

  • Experienced – 481
  • Novice – 336
qualifying Scores

  • Recurve – 291
  • Barebow – 150

Outdoor championships

BUCS and SSS host separate outdoor championships during the summer. These usually comprise of a WA1440 round on the Saturday and WA720 and H2H matches on the Sunday.

A qualifying score is also required for the BUCS Outdoor Championships; for experienced archers this is a 1st Class score in an appropriate round and for novice archers this is a 3rd class score in an appropriate round.

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